Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Creating a Statue for Bessie Coleman

  • Poli-Tainment, Inc. is looking at different ideas on having a Bessie Coleman memorial statue placed at the Jacksonville International Airport in Florida. This is the city where Queen Bess, an aviatrix pioneer, fell 2,000 feet from her airplane - one day before an airshow she was to headline.

  • We will begin a fundraising campaign to pay for the statue after we find the best artist and know the price. 

  • A life-size bronze art piece seems to be a top contender. We encourage anyone who has interest to present ideas. This project is not specific to the memorial city. All admirers in all countries are encouraged to submit ideas. 

  • All donor names will be a part of the memorial.

  • We will continue to pursue ideas to honor Brave Bessie.

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