Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bessie Coleman Scout Trip to Jax Intl Airport

Scouted out Jax Intl. Airport to gain info for the Bessie Coleman honor we are pushing to be displayed there. Looks like plenty opportunities exist for something befitting Brave Bessie's memory. Pioneer aviatrix Bessie Coleman died in Jax FL in 1926.

I am curious as to who or what this female art statue is.
I will be getting back to you on this.  Was told that it was some
sort of Greek Mythical entity.

This is a display case you will see after getting off the airplane and  walking to get your
On the other side (through the glass) is where passengers walk to go to the gates.

This is a sitting area just before a passenger goes to the security check.
This area 
is lined with shops, a piano and a shoe shine stand.

These escalators lead to the baggage claim.

This display case is in the area below in the baggage claim
area. These are some really nice photos. 
I think the caption was "Jacksonville Takes Flight."

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